Slack? Forget about it! (Hint: You don’t need it)

Slack? Forget about it! (Hint: You don’t need it)

You’ve probably heard of Slack. It’s that trendy messaging app that’s supposed to reduce your reliance on e-mail, make document and file sharing really easy, therefore streamlining workflow processes and facilitate collaboration among co-workers. On paper that sounds great, right? It actually is a decent service for startups and smaller agencies. It corresponds to their needs quite nicely since they usually don’t have a lot of users to consider. But Slack primarily lacks one very important and fundamental aspect that excludes it as a viable software solution for any company with ambitions to grow, it’s not scalable! Lack of scalability simply means it’s practically useless as enterprise software for medium to large organizations. Here’s why:

First there is the issue of integration. For smaller organizations, using different third-party software solutions such as Slack or any of Google’s tools works fine as long as the number of employees is still low. And even then, there is still a lot left to wish for. Even though these third-party solutions often have the ability to communicate with each other, at the end of the day they are still designed to work as standalone software solutions, which hinders a seamless employee experience.

Further, Slack is a cloud based solution and uses Google Drive/Dropbox/Box for document sharing, which means you are essentially putting your sensitive corporate data in the hands of third parties, exposing your company to huge risks both in terms of security and potential downtime. For example, a quick look at Slack’s status page shows ten “service incidents” (including everything from database issues to service disruptions) within just a short span of 16 days (Oct 1st – Oct 16th 2015), even minor service issues could prove very costly for an enterprise. Surrendering the control and power over their own data is just the complete opposite of what enterprises need or want!

What enterprises need is an easy-to-use messaging and collaboration solution that is integrated into their existing enterprise systems, a reliable and secure on-premise mobile intranet where their sensitive data is not dependent upon a third party, making it infinitely scalable! We’re sorry to break it to you Slack, your solution might work as a temporary solution for a very niched category of companies, but the lack of scalability simply makes you a non-viable option for the enterprise environment.

The OpenRatio enterprise mobile platform is a flexible off-the-shelf enterprise mobile platform with ready-to-use functionality, including internal social and messaging capabilities and secure integration of workflow processes and backends.

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Article by Daniel Bourghardt


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Rabih Kanaan

Rabih Kanaan, is the "Chief Innovation Officer" at OpenRatio and an enterprise mobility architect and strategist. Using BYOD and CYOD approaches, he helps enterprises build and implement their mobile strategy, using OpenRatio's platform and technology.

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