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OpenRatio is the BYOD mobile application platform that will help you build mobile applications for the public sector

There are a countless number of mobility benefits for organizations with huge administrative workloads such as those in the public sector. In a survey by Forrester Consulting, 76% of IT decision makers at mobile companies observed increased decision-making speed and employee responsiveness as a result of mobility. The public sector need to make better use of mobile technology to facilitate workflow processes and increase productivity, flexibility and efficiency. The opportunities for external use, by providing public services through mobile, are endless as well. Most public services, everything from registering a car, to applying for healthcare and registrering for sick leave, can be facilitated through the use of powerful and user-friendly mobile apps.

In the public sector, resources are often scarce and taxpayers want public services to cost less and deliver more. Public sector mobility will improve performance, enhance the perception of the public sector and modernize service delivery. By streamlining all workflow processes and public services through mobile, you are cutting costs all the while exceeding taxpayer demands. With 2.4 billion smart devices shipped in 2014, taxpayers are on mobile, and so should the public sector be.

Here are five key capabilities you will get from using the OpenRatio platform, which will significantly improve your abilities to provide next-generation mobile public services as well as improve internal public sector workflows:

• Increased and improved collaboration by facilitating data sharing and communication between departments and agencies.

• Easy access to public services. By providing public services on mobile, you will improve the accessibility and efficiency of services for both taxpayers and public sector workers.

• Minimize paper work. Cut costs and streamline workflows by reducing administrative paper worktime and thus time spent on data entry.

• Actionability on-the-go. Relevant personnel can make critical decisions and access crucial information anywhere, any time. This will improve data accuracy as well as allow employees to always stay productive.

• Unified access to information. Improving information accessibility will provide public sector workers with an improved ability to make well-informed decisions on-the-fly.


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