OpenRatio’s BYOD enterprise mobile platform features

Making information and business processes available and actionable for enterprises across devices, independent of platforms and infrastructure.


BYOD enterprise mobile platform

Platform installation

OpenRatio is a cloud platform that can be installed on the public cloud or on premise.

Open platform

OpenRatio’s platform and its source code are open for partners, so you can build modules, user interfaces and plugins on top of it.


Measure your success by using the OpenRatio platform’s Real-Time Analytics.

Centralized Applications Management

We always tell our clients: Don’t invest in your mobile platform, just manage it. With our simple UI, anyone within the organization, not necessarily the IT department, can start managing and deploying applications fast..

From one unified platform you can create, control and manage your enterprise applications.

In short, OpenRatio is committed in seeing enterprises:

  • Move the publishing and deployment of mobile applications, in-house.
  • Take control of their development.
  • Create and deploy unlimited amounts of applications targeting different business and user groups within your organization.
  • Enjoy control over the publishing, editing and deployment of applications, from one unified user-interface.

OpenRatio BYOD management platform


UI Builder

OpenRatio platform comes with a simple UI builder using drag and drop allowing anyone within the organization to edit, manage and publish applications. The platform is template driven, allowing you to build and customise templates on the fly.

OpenRatio platforms allows you to adapt your design and application structure to targeted devices and operating systems giving your applications a more unique and advanced user experience.

OpenRatio platform solves the problem of device and operating system fragmentation. We make sure that your applications will be running on all devices, screen resolutions and operating systems. OpenRatio always updates its platform whenever new devices or operating system are released and by that releasing you from the headache and cost of fragmentation.

Module and Form Builder

OpenRatio module  & form builder allows you to build  and design modules and forms on the fly with a simple drag and drop user interface.

OpenRatio integrates with 3rd party integration platforms such as: Mule ESB, Apache Camel… and others.

The module & form builder allows you to:

  • Create your own modules and forms.
  • Add UI elements.
  • Customise and arrange your elements.
  • Edit the user interface of your module.



Data Mapping

With data mapping and module builder combined, very complex apps can be created in a simple way.
For example, list views can fetch its items from an external data source and display them chains of detail views.
  • Used to map external data into apps from your enterprise.
  • Support for JSON and XML as data types.
  • Data mapper is built in to the module builder.
  • When editing a property for an element, the value can either be constant or taken from an external data source.
  • Data mapping is done client side.
  • Extraction of data from a source is done with Xpath and JSONPath.
  • The Xpaths and JSONPaths are specified in the JSON for an app and is interpreted by the app.
  • The customer does data mapping in a simple graphical web interface.


OpenRatio supports numerous practices for securing mobile applications and applications deployment, and by that helping our partners implementing their BYOD policies and strategies.

OpenRatio secures your mobile applications and mobile applications deployment with:

  • MAM/MDM Integration.
  • Source Code Encryption.
  • Database Encryption.
  • File-level Encryption.
  • Protection of Data In Transit.
  • Corporate Authentication.



Identity management

OpenRatio’s platform comes with a pre-integrated user management system, allowing enterprises to create users, roles and permissions in the cloud and assign user specific data and modules to these users and roles on the fly  in real-time with a simple user interface.

OpenRatio’s platform  also comes with a seamless integration with identity management providers based on standards such as LDAP and Active Directory, allowing users to authenticate themselves securely in the enterprise.

OpenRatio will help you build your mobile first strategy