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OpenRatio is the BYOD mobile application platform that will help you build mobile applications for mobile marketing automation solutions

Mobile marketing automation is about reaching your mobile customers at key moments. Triggering customized messages and available content based on user location and behaviour. Running effective marketing campaigns means responding individually to prospective buyers. Each person responds to different kinds of messages, which is why individual messages is such an important aspect of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing automation could, for example, enable you to send a discount offer via push notification for a product the user has browsed for but not purchased, and even more steps can be triggered beyond that initial notification based on the user action. However, running large campaigns with thousands of prospective buyers means there is no feasible way of addressing each person individually. This is where mobile marketing automation enters, it is the best and most personalized marketing strategy available for mobile.

The amount of data IT departments are forced to keep up with is almost doubled every few days. Companies are therefore required to seek ways to make data collection, analysis, storage and security easier and more seamlessly integrated into their mobile marketing platform. Mobile marketing automation has the ability to keep your customers constantly involved and engaged by customizing each user’s app experience. Data collection is essential in this process by giving enterprises a better understanding of user demographics aswell as behaviour.

Mobile marketing automation can be used to:

• Trigger automated push notifications and in-app messages based on user behaviour

• Customize available content, creating a personalized app experience

• Track and monitor the progress of marketing campaigns via analytics

• Enable users to engage with content such as individualized campaigns and offers

• Create and utilize customer databases

• Automate various repetitive and cumbersome business tasks



Mobile Marketing Automation

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