Your intranet going mobile

OpenRatio is the BYOD mobile application platform that will help make your intranet mobile.

Your intranet problems

While most organisations use some form of intranet, these are often large cumbersome and excessively complex.

Moreover, mobile device access for traditional intranets is slow and ineffective. The dissatisfaction with this state of affairs has been expressed by many users across various industries. This integral lack in traditional intranet automatically prevents the users from staying updated on relevant information and remaining productive on the fly.

As an organisation, you should avoid the false starts, as well as resorting to extreme and unrewarding measures in the name of mobile access. Some organisation have degraded and warped their intranets by shrinking them to fit onto smaller form factor screens, while others have released useless apps with no discernible user value.


Mobile intranet

At OpenRatio we believe that productivity, innovation and engagement are the three key ingredients that drive higher employee performance, and in turn, revenue gains. That is why your intranet applications should be be categorised and built into different parts:

  • Execution: Yes/No decisions…. Applications which assist you in making simple decisions.
  • Information: Simple singular layer of information. This helps you search and access key information sitting in your intranet
  • Operation: Collaboration & interaction. Which allow employees to collaborate with others to create and deliver great work.

So, what can you do to help these efficient workers become more effective and engaged? How can you make your intranet more usable and mobile? Or in other words, how do you save your intranet and the investments made in it?

Here are five key capabilities resulting from using OpenRatio’s platform, which will significantly improve employee performance:

  1. Actionability on-the-go. Relevant personnel can make decisions while being mobile.
  2. Content liberation, allowing employees and customers to access the information and assets they need, which are sitting in your enterprise intranet.
  3. BYOD: Bring the intranet to all mobiles devices and operating systems.
  4. Collaboration with others to create and deliver great work.
  5. Sharing knowledge with co-worker.


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BYOD enterprise mobile platform

OpenRatio Platform

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