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OpenRatio is the BYOD mobile application platform that will help you build applications for administrators, parents, teachers and students.


The mobile industry is changing fast, and the pace is set by consumers. With 1.24 billion smartphones and tablets shipped in 2013 and projections of more than 2.14 billion in 2017, the unrelenting growth of the mobile market seems almost unstoppable. Mobile app usage is heading in the same direction, the number of mobile app downloads is estimated to top 200 billion in 2017, 2.5 times more than 2013?s 82 billion.

Looking at families, 77% have at least one smartphone and almost half have at least one tablet. Low-income families own 3.3, while high-income families own 6.2 devices on average, including both portable and desktop computers and mobile devices. With a booming mobile market, to which families are greatly responsive, integrating mobile devices into the field of education, seems like a natural step to take next. No matter what grade their child is in, 71% of parents agree that mobiles and apps can help document their children’s schoolwork and progress. For more than 25 years, tasks such as taking attendance and grades have been done on paper or through a rudimentary black screen, green letter computer system, with parents being updated on their children’s academics only through yearly face-to-face progress discussions with teachers.

Research has shown that when parents are aware of their children’s academics, they are more likely to become involved in learning activities at home and help when they are requested to do so by teachers, highlighting the importance and benefit of improved lines of parent-teacher communication, for all involved parties.




Example Educational App

Using the OpenRatio platform, educational institutes can publish cross platform mobile applications allowing parents to track their kids activities and grades in real-time. It not only features a one way school-to-parent communication but also a way for parents to communicate with the school by posting comments and asking questions through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The application works as a bridge between the school community and the parents, serving as a communication channel with many functionalities. All data such as grades and parents logins are hosted on the OpenRatio platform with existing school database integration, making implementation smooth and easy.

AIS school application

  • Each parent has an individual login.
  • They get access to the list of their children enrolled at the school.
  • They get access as well to their kids grades in real time once published.

The application also contains other modules allowing parents to stay updated about all their kids activities at the school, such as notification center, individual and targeted updates, circulars, events, videos, photo galleries, social media integration etc.

Centralised applications management

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Module and form builder

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Identity management

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