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OpenRatio is the BYOD mobile application platform that will help your enterprise make branded mobile apps and campaigns.

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OpenRatio’s platform can be used by digital and media agencies to build content driven applications and campaigns to increase customer loyalty and retention

Illustrative case: Dr. Pepper (Client: Humblestorm agency)

• The overall goal of the campaign is to get the already converted customers  to drink more Dr Pepper, or in other words, increase total consumption.

Users would collect points by inserting their coupon numbers, interacting and sharing on social media. Users could then convert their points to goods such as Dr. Pepper caps, t-shirts etc.

• Integration: Mobilab API (Bonnier Group company) for coupon management, Dibs (for mobile payment), Facebook API.

• All unique coupons were printed under each Dr. pepper bottle cap and stored in the OpenRatio platform, but nonetheless owned by the client.

• Value:  By forming this partnership with OpenRatio, Humblestorm was able to create a mobile campaign for Dr. Pepper driving more brand loyalty and exposure. Dr. Pepper were also able to learn a lot about their clients with regards to demographics and behaviour.

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