Healthcare mobile applications

OpenRatio is the BYOD mobile application platform that will help you build mobile applications for healthcare solutions


In a typical healthcare environment, patients, doctors and equipment are in constant motion. It is therefore critical for management to provide their caregivers with powerful means for communication and collaboration with co-workers, from wherever they may be. By providing caregivers with access to relevant information and experts, they are empowered to make well-informed decisions, thus able to provide patients with a cost-effective, satisfying and improved treatment standard.

Increasing demands from both patients and society means the healthcare industry is forced to continuously improve the quality of care. The best way to evolve is by integrating mobility into the day-to-day patient care. Healthcare providers that have electronic medical records available on tablets show that mobility increases their productivity significantly. Doctors are able to spend up to 35% more time on patient bedsides than they otherwise would be able to, and checking medical records is 40% faster with a mobile healthcare solution.

Here are four key capabilities you will get from using the OpenRatio platform, which will significantly improve your abilities to provide top class healthcare:

• Increased and improved collaboration between departments and people. Mobility facilitates and improves the collaboration of care among departments, making the process of patient treatment more streamlined.

• Minimizing paperwork. By minimizing the amount of paperwork you are not only being more cost-effective, but your healthcare staff will be less prone to commit potentially fatal errors.

• Actionability on-the-go. Relevant personnel can make critical decisions and access crucial patient information while being mobile.

• Unified access to information. Improving information visibility will provide healthcare staff with an improved ability to make well-informed decisions on-the-fly.



healthcare mobile applications

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