Corporate communication mobile applications

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Corporate communication

With a shift to mobile, organisations can transform and modernise their businesses by improving efficiency and productivity, as well as raising employee and customer satisfaction. All this can be accomplished by building a successful, rigid, long term and scalable mobility strategy.

Corporate communication applications allow management, employees and clients – depending on their access rights – to access private corporate information on the fly, thus allowing crucial information to become available and actionable regardless of the receiving device.

Moreover, it allows organisations to keep management, employees and clients updated on the latest corporate news and developments in real time. Thus keeping them involved and engaged, making sure everyone has access to all the necessary updates and information at all times.

Corporate communication applications can be used for:

  • Management communications and updates.
  • Enterprise / employee communication.
  • Enterprise / client communication.
  • Investor relations.
  • Board of directors applications.
  • Shareholders application.
  • And others …


Corporate communication applications

Example communication application

Using the OpenRatio platform, Lopi – the association of banks, savings banks and cooperative banks in Denmark – was able to publish enterprise cross platform mobile applications, which allows managers in different banks across Denmark to securely access and search for the information and address book of all their peers working in different banks and regions.

Additionally, via the application, managers can register to receive updates regarding the latest events relating to the banking industry and their particular area of expertise.

  • Each member has an individual login, integrating with existing LDAP and AD
  • Notification Center
  • Address book searchable by region, name and banks
  • Corporate events
  • Contact information
  • The application is updated in real time as the corporate information is updated.

The application can also incorporate other modules, through which managers can stay updated and access all their corporate information such as individual and targeted updates, news, orders, CRM integration, videos, courses etc


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