Business services and processes

OpenRatio is the BYOD mobile application platform that will help your business services and processes to mobile.

business1OpenRatio and our partners will sit with the various stakeholders within your company and listen to their needs in order to build a wish-list of applications that can improve customers satisfaction and increase employee productivity.

We will help you transform and modernise your business and improve efficiency, productivity as well as employee and customers satisfaction. All through building a successful, rigid, long term and scalable mobility strategy.

We will make your workforce mobile by aligning your business workflow processes to enterprise mobile applications.

OpenRatio helps service organisations to connect mobile workers to enterprise information systems to create applications for:

  • Engagement:

Applications allowing employees and customers to engage and communicate with your enterprise, such as reporting, news applications, communication applications etc.

  • Content Liberation:

Allowing employees and customers access the information and assets they need, which are simply sitting in your enterprise data warehouses, such as products information,address books,client information, documents .etc

  • Actionability:

- Collaboration and sharing.
- Yes/no simple decision making

BYOD enterprise mobile platform

OpenRatio Platform

Centralised applications management

From one unified platform you can create, control and manage your enterprise applications! [...] Read more

Module and form builder

OpenRatio module & form builder allows you to build and design modules and forms on the fly with a simple drag and drop user interface. [...] Read more

Identity management

Pre-integrated user management system, allowing enterprises to create users, roles and permission in the cloud and assign user specific data and modules to these users and roles on the fly. [...] Read more

OpenRatio will help you build your mobile first strategy